Kathy Smith Review

Reverend William J. Bean is an enormously gifted author. His new book, "Tales From An Exorcist" is fresh, shocking, and wholly new. It is a stunning read, a masterpiece that asks readers to reflect on the good and evil that enters their lives. The heart of this book is a portrait of a boy turned man surviving and flourishing after growing up in a home where he and his family endured demonic attack.

The central theme of this book is redemption through facing the demonic realm with the power of faith. It also shows the reader the fragility of life and how to weave spiritual faith into modern life. This book is an example of the best kind of story telling. It provides readers with an insight into what a day in the life of an Exorcist entails. 

It also chronicles the problems the demonically afflicted and their families go through. This book will have a strong emotional impact on you. Likely to resonate with a public that has been sleepwalking through the demonic gradual reshaping of the world we live in. It will grab you and refuse to let you go. You will want to sit with this one again and again for years to come. Unrelenting and unforgettable, Tales From An Exorcist is an American classic in the making.

Kathy Smith

Marie DiMauro Review

Reverend Bill Bean has done it again with his newest book “Tales From an Exorcist”.

I found it hard to put down! Reverend Bean provides us with a brief history of his own on how he was guided to his calling to have God work through him to help others. The book also provides an in-depth look at just a few of the most haunting cases he has worked on.


Reverend Bean then guides us, his readers, how to recognise and what we should do to break strongholds that lead to oppression and/or possession bringing ourselves closer to God so we can make Him first. This is the ultimate lifestyle we need to have in life to be completely free from bondage in the end.

No matter where our walk leads us, we all want to live life as happily and as free from negative experiences as we can. Immersed in this book, I would see myself, and at one point, my own family, in many of the situations and things that are spoken of in this book: a real eye-opener!


Reverend Bean has a true insight on things that I have only gotten a glimpse of throughout my life. Those things have been taken, expanded on, and put together nicely into one place so I can refer back time and again should the need for me to do so arise. The book is not a one time read! It is truly one I can read over and again to find answers, get the help I do need, and ultimately feel like I’m not alone in this great big world.

Thank you Reverend Bill Bean! ~~~Marie DiMauro

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Tales From An Exorcist Book Review from my Niece Tiffany Bean

Bill Bean has been passionate for over ten years with his testimony. He has found a purpose in this world which consists of helping others overcome the evil and wickedness that the earth is filled with.

He has made it his goal in life to help as many people as possible gain a new found freedom in Christ and shed the chaos and destruction that the enemy loves to cause in our lives.

I am a witness to how evil overtakes a persons life and I am also a person who is trying to break the bloodline curse that has wrecked generations in my family, just as my uncle is trying to do the same.

Life is definitely not easy. We go through struggles, which some people think doesn’t happen when we gain faith and a relationship with Jesus, but we do still have to deal with this world. I am struggling in my relationship with God right now and have distanced myself from Him, but I am going to use the prayers in my Uncle Bill’s book and reread this story to see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that God is with us even when we feel like He is not. Even through the hard times, we can look back and see how God was there.

My Uncle wants everyone to see how his life has changed drastically and give you a hope that you may not have had before. Your story doesn’t have to stay dark and broken. You can be healed and changed.