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All that I can say is THANK GOD FOR BILL BEAN!!!

 While I understand that I was delivered through the Grace OF GOD, working in Bill Bean, I am eternally in Bill’s debt. He saved me and gave me a life, a life that I was always meant to have.

 Melinda Mckamey

 Case Manager for Bill Bean Ministries

Bill really saved my life. A true spiritual warrior and humble servant of God.

 Dan Monaco

I stand and Testify in God’s Court! Reverend Bill Bean saved my life!

Guenevere Kern

I was under demonic oppression and had attempted suicide several times. Then through a friend I was guided to Bill Bean. Since meeting Bill, my life has been totally transformed and I'm forever grateful to God for working through Bill to save my life. I feel that Bill Bean is one of God's mightiest warriors on this Earth!   


 Sgt. John Drenner

 I was sick, depressed and dealing with something very dark in my life. Then I met Bill Bean and my life changed in a very short amount of time. I lost 123 pounds and regained my health after a decade of horrible sickness. God worked through Bill to give me a brand new life. I currently use my life experience along with Bill's teachings to help others. I have learned so much from Bill and consider him as my best friend.  

 Jeff Leeper

Dear Bill Bean

 I will be forever grateful for the deliverance that you performed. You are truly anointed to do this. I am continually praying as you instructed and the Spiritual Warfare prayer seems to be the most powerful. Im feeling like myself again! 

 I will never forget the huge blessing that you performed.

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

 Michael Loffredo

Bill Bean has stood tall as a champion of faith.

 George Noory  Host of Coast to Coast AM

Our son was exhibiting what we thought as strange and self-destructive behavior. Doctors could not determine the basis of the problem after prescribing numerous drugs at varying doses. We turned to Reverend Bean. He quickly knew the source of the problem was demonic. He performed a full deliverance of our son, who is now on the path to a blessed life. Reverend Bean stands by our son as a life coach. We thank God and Reverend Bean for the future and its new promises.

 Mike and Sandy

Bill you are truly a gift from God. I was at the end of my rope and I'm forever in your debt. If I can ever assist you in any way, I'm at your disposal. I'm truly looking forward to moving on with my life, without the heavy chains of oppression.


God Bless you.



 Sean Darby

I discovered Warrior Mode last summer shortly after I had a serious accident and suffered a burst spinal fracture. I had to wear a back brace for several months and would listen to Warrior Mode after returning home from checkups in the Mater Hospital Dublin. It was a great source of encouragement and inspiration during this difficult time. I also bought copies of Dark Force Revisited and The Connection which I thought were excellent.

Thank God I have made a terrific recovery and after attending multiple physio appointments etc., I have been able to return to my regular job. I still listen to Warrior Mode every Monday and appreciate your message and the work that you do.

Best wishes for your ministry and future endeavors Bill.

Kind regards

Seán O'Keeffe
Dundalk, Ireland

I had quite a serious case of demonic attachments for around 19 years. I had many people pray for me over the years, priests and such, and while that helped for a short period of time, nothing seemed to get rid of them, that is until I met Bill. We had a video chat via skype and he cast out the demons. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I thank and praise Father Yahweh for Minister Bill. It was no coincidence that we met, God guided me to you. I am in your debt. I was once a victim but now


I am a victor! Warrior mode all the way!

God Bless you and Thank you!
Thomas Martin
West Brookfield, MA

Good afternoon Bill Bean,


My name is Brodie McKenzie I live in Port Coquitlam British Columbia. Canada, I want to thank you for your faith determination to help the spirits here in the three dimensional world. I have purchased your book the connection a Kindle version so my Screen reader can read it to me on my iPhone. I am looking forward to the listen as I am blind from a hereditary Eye condition called  Leber’s hereditary optic Neuropathy. I lost my central vision and most of my eyesight June 2012 and since then I recently was diagnosed with stage for Hodgkin’s lymph Oma last year April 2017. These two diseases I am still battling but the cancer I beat August 2017, because I always said to myself.

Warrior mode  faith, strength, and courage.

Following after words I would say a little prayer to God and I  was in bed suffering from the horrific conventional treatment chemo therapy I kept on breathing and praying. And I am here today blood tests and scans are clear, thank you for reminding us that God is with us as long as we have faith we will have strength for anything.

Thank you, peace be with you.


Brodie McKenzie

I don't know what I would have done without Rev. Bill Bean. He and his assistant were very supportive of when had to have my former home cleared. His work is so important.

Beth Hanken

You are a blessing, Bill!
Wouldn’t be here without you
Susan Bell

Dear Bill,

  The Lord has been blessing me and has been working wonderful miracles in my life since I started praying to him correctly! I pray prayers from the 7th book in the morning, through out the day, and before bed as well as my own personal communication with my Father in Heaven.  He has blessed me with a 2005 Mazda Minivan for me and my Doberman, as well as a checking account that now has money in it!  Thank you for sharing this information with me and others, I wanted to let you know how much the Lord has blessed me. 

God Bless,

Donnie Portis

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