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Bill Bean's new book, PURGE, is definitely a piece of art. The wisdom presented in the pages of this book are a generous gift from a master at his craft. For people 'stuck' in their experiences, read this book and you will learn how to improve your life.

It is a powerful guide to being in the world without being overwhelmed by it. Bill's 'voice' and insights help prepare the reader for what life brings and to thrive. Bill weaves together the extreme challenges of life with the profound healing aspects of our connection to the DIVINE.

This book will serve as a brilliant milestone, marking one's passage toward comprehending the deeper truths of our world. This book will help countless people to 'purge', let go, and heal.

Kathy Smith

PURGE is a very important Book!

I feel honored to have been given a chance to read this before it has even come out yet officially. I will say that it is an incredible book filled with what l agree with is very important pertinent information. Bill really goes into important details that l have actually wondered about.


My husband and l follow Bills guidance on prayers daily and l see there are many more specific prayers in here which l know we will be adding to our daily prayer times. I am only one fourth of the way through and l am in the knowing this is an important book that has come along at the right time. 

Mercedez Benedict